Everything We Know About 'The Boys' Star Jack Quaid's Love Life - Cirrkus News (2024)

Jack Quaid has proven that talent runs in the family. The actor is the spitting image of his famous parents, Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. However, unlike his parents, he hasn’t made waves as half of an uber-famous power couple just yet. That being said, the actor once told the Los Angeles Times that his parents’ high-profile divorce didn’t sour him on the idea of marriage.

“I still believe it can work,” he told the outlet. “I totally see it as something that could happen in my future—I’m just not thinking about it yet.” With that in mind, here’s everything we know about the young star’s dating life.

Quaid Was In A Relationship With Actress Lizzy McGroder From 2016 To 2021

Long before landing his lead role in The Boys, Jack Quaid fell head over heels for Lizzy McGroder—a fellow actress and improv enthusiast. McGroder grew up in Phoenix, Arizona before moving to Los Angeles.

McGroder graduated from LA’s Occidental College with a Bachelor’s Degree in screenwriting. However, McGroder temporarily put her filmmaking dreams on hold when she was signed by a modeling agency, per a profile she wrote for VoyageLA.

Yet, she insisted that she never felt fulfilled in the modeling industry. On a whim, she decided to audition for LA’s prestigious improv and sketch comedy troupe The Groundlings and was accepted into their ranks. The Groundlings’ alumni include huge stars like Kristen Wiig, Paul Reubens, Will Ferrell, and many, many more.

According to her website, she currently spends her time creating and starring in various comedy projects and even touring with her own improv team called You’re So Tan.

Quaid, who is the son of the rom-com queen herself, Meg Ryan, had his very own “meet-cute” story with McGroder. The actor told the New York Times that he met McGroder in 2016 while getting drinks at the bar Harvard & Stone.

McGroder was there performing with her acting troupe when she singled Quaid out during her improv routine. According to Quaid, the first thing she said to him was, “Hey! You! Get over here. You’re late. Mom’s going to cancel the trip to Mexico.”

Quaid, who was a member of the improv troupe Hammerkatz while studying at New York University, played along. During their relationship, the pair enjoyed collaborating on various comedy projects.

Quaid starred in some of McGroder’s video shorts, and he even joined her in a modeling campaign for the New York-based brand Frances Valentine.

“She gave me so many tips,” Quaid said of his experience modeling with McGroder. “I was like, ‘How do I angle my body to sell clothes?’”

He’s Been Linked More Recently With ‘The Boys’ Co-Star Claudia Doumit

Despite the years they spent together and their many shared interests, it seems like things weren’t meant to be for Quaid and McGroder. It’s unclear when exactly Quaid and McGroder parted ways, but they stopped appearing on each other’s social media profiles in 2021.

After the pair’s five-year-long relationship, Quaid seemed to be enjoying the single life. However, back in June of 2022, reports suggest Quaid could be dating his The Boys co-star Claudia Doumit.

Everything We Know About 'The Boys' Star Jack Quaid's Love Life - Cirrkus News (1)

The Australian actress appeared in various TV shows and movies before joining The Boys in its third season. Notably, per her IMDb, she was a series regular in the TV show Timeless and she even lent her voice to the 2019 video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

It seems like she and Quaid hit it off while appearing on The Boys, and—whether they’re just friends or not—they were spotted spending getting cozy last summer.

Specifically, the pair was photographed walking hand-in-hand around Sydney, Australia while promoting their show’s third season, per the Daily Mail. Immediately, the press took this sighting as confirmation that the co-stars were dating.

Of course, without any confirmation from Quaid and Doumit themselves, this was still pure speculation. Whether there was ever anything romantic there or not, it doesn’t seem like Quaid and Doumit spent much time together after that.

The Boys season 4 began filming in August of 2022, and the internet has yet to see any more photos of Quaid and Doumit holding hands. Does that mean they aren’t dating? Not necessarily.

However, it does mean that Quaid is succeeding at what so many celebrities struggle to do: He’s managing to keep his love life out of the headlines. Given Quaid’s recent successes and superstar-status parents, that’s quite an impressive feat.

At the moment, it seems like Quaid is focusing on his career, which just keeps on growing!

Everything We Know About 'The Boys' Star Jack Quaid's Love Life - Cirrkus News (2024)
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