Fascinating Facts About Lizzy McGroder, Girlfriend Of 'The Boys' Star Jack Quaid (2024)

Fans of The Boys on Amazonhave plenty to get excited about.The superhero series, starring Jack Quaid, returns for itssecond season on September 4. He'll most likely be tuning in for the premiere from his home, and he'll have someone special to share the evening with: his long-time girlfriend Lizzy McGroder. The couple has been together for more than four years and they are completely adorable on social media together.


Who is Jack Quaid's girlfriend, LizzyMcGroder?

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McGroder isn't as famous as her Hollywood royalty boyfriend, but she is a working model and comedicactress. She has worked with the Groundlings and has her own comedy improv team in Los Angeles. She also loves animals— even pigs.


How long have Jack Quaid and LizzyMcGroder been dating?

Jack Quaid, whose parents are Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, is a 28-year-old who has made a name for himself as an actor with films like The Hunger Games and Smallfoot. He and McGroder have been together since 2016, something they each recently celebratedon their Instagram pages with sweet anniversary posts.

McGroder and Quaid in 2020.


How did Jack Quaid and Lizzy McGroder meet?

The couple met in a bar, but it wasn't a typical pick-up situation. McGroder, an improv actor, started yelling across the bar at him to see how he'd react. “All of a sudden, from across the bar, I just hear, ‘Hey! You! Get over here. You’re late. Mom’s going to cancel the trip to Mexico,’” Quaidrecalled. Luckily, he has improv training as well and followed the first rule of the medium: always agree with what your scene partnersays.“I was like, ‘Yeah, sorry I’m late,’” he said.The rest is history.

Where is Lizzy McGroder from?

McGroder posts a lot about her high school Xavier College Prep, which is located in Phoenix. She is active with an alumni group that is working for social change, focused in particular on the anti-racism movement. In a recent post, she wrote "I am so so proud of XCP alumni for organizing and making Xavier stronger!!! We are asking XCP to have anti-racist education and implement resources and support for students of color."

"I am grateful for being able to attend Xavier and for the friends I made," the post continued."Since graduating, I’ve had to unlearn and relearn topics of gender, race, social justice, identity, privilege. I wish I was given better tools in high school to prepare me for real life or push me to see experiences/perspectives outside my own."

Lizzy McGroder is part of a legendary improv troupe.

McGroder has beena member of the Groundlings, one of the most storied improv companies in America. Other alumni of their training and performing programs include Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, and Dax Shepherd.She was part of the troupe Sunday Company which performs an original show every Sunday evening.


She has a screenwriting background.

McGroder comes to improv from amore formal academic background, She has a BFA inscreenwriting from Occidental College and has used those skills to write and star in the short film,Girls Night,which premiered at LA Comedy Fest and was featured on WhoHaha and Funny or Die. She's also written and produced aweb series called Middle School Talent Show.

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She has serious makeup skills.

No, you won't find McGroder doing YouTube tutorials for contouring. She like special effects makeup. If you want to see what she can do with some time and the right materials, check out her Instagram page with pics of her Halloween costumes. The one where she makes herself look like Kylie Jenner is spot on.

McGroder as Kylie Jenner.


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Lizzy McGroder is also a model.

You would think that being an improv star, a makeup whiz, a red carpet regular is enough, but McGroder also has a thriving career as a model. She does high fashion and editorialwork around LA.

She's an animal lover.

A lot of people who are animal loverspost pictures of cute dogs and cats on the social media feed. McGroder takes it one step further and advocates forwelfare for all kinds of animals, including pigs. She recently sharedphotos of herself at a farm animal sanctuary, visiting some piglets who were saved from euthanasia. She was right down in the mud with her porky pals. She used the hashtag #vegan so it seems likely that she takes the lives and welfare of animals very seriously.

What's next for Lizzy McGroder?

McGroder hasn't dropped any hints about what her next project will be. For now, her boyfriend is the one in the spotlight and they seem perfectly happy the way they are.


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Fascinating Facts About Lizzy McGroder, Girlfriend Of 'The Boys' Star Jack Quaid (2024)
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