Lizzy McGroder Wiki: Son, Height, Parents, Jack Quaid, Meg Ryan, Sibling (2024)

Lizzy McGroder Wiki: Son, Height, Parents, Jack Quaid, Meg Ryan, Sibling (1)

Actor Jack Quaid has been in a relationship with Arizona-native Lizzy McGroder since 2016. Like Jack, Lizzy also has a background in comedy and is making a huge stride to establish herself as an actor, improv, and model.

Since very little is known regarding her private life, we’ve created this wiki to give an introduction about her.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

As many news outlet platforms noted, Lizzy McGroder was 29 years old as of 2020 but hadn’t been confirmed. However, she never opened up about her exact birthday.

And with that, details such as her birthday, confirmed age, and zodiac sign has been obstructed from public knowledge.

Lizzy McGroder Wiki, Parents, Siblings

Lizzy McGroder was born to her father Patrick Joseph McGroder III and her mother Susie McGroder. Despite a few birthday wishes, Lizzy has shared almost nothing about her mom.

However, her father is an attorney specializing in high profile, catastrophic injury, and wrongful death litigation. In 2017, Patrick was celebrated as the ‘Lawyer of the Year’ by Best Lawyers in America within the Plaintiff’s Personal Injury practice area.

He also received the Arizona Association of Defense Counsels’ Lifetime Achievement Award.

Moving on, Lizzy McGroder grew up with and is very close to her two siblings. Her sister Caroline McGroder also followed the path of her father and became a human right attorney.

Caroline’s resume also boasted the title Professor in Phoenix College, work experience in the U.S. Department of State, and worked as Child and Family Protection Attorney General Mark Brnovich as of September 2020. She attended and graduated from Creighton University.

Whereas, her brother Patrick Joseph McGroder IV is also a lawyer working as a trial attorney working in Beus Gilbert McGroder. He is married to his wife and has a daughter named Elle McGroder.

All three children inherited mixed heritage, as her father is of Irish descent.

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Lizzy McGroder Height, Measurements, Long Hair

Getting into her measurements, Lizzy McGroder stands at a towering height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters) which complimented her physical attributes as an up and coming model. All through high school to college, her bodyweight fluctuated time and again. But, the last time she measured, the scale showed 54.5 kilograms (120 lbs).

All of the recent photos on her social media accounts, particularly everything after 2015, pictured her having short hair. But before the year 2012, she had long blonde hair and even has one picture on her Facebook.

Moreover, Lizzy flawlessly flaunts her measurements on her Instagram which measured 34/25/34 inches. Plus, the shoe size nine fits her perfectly.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

Fame, recognition, career whatever you ask, Lizzy found it all in the social media. Besides being the girlfriend of Jack Quaid, she worked hard to create an identity for herself.

As of Sept 2020, her Instagram earned her 8457 followers at the time of this writing. Likewise, she is also on Facebook and frequently posts contents of sorts including anti-racist contents.

But, not a single post which was made by her was found on Twitter which suggested that she might not have an account on the platform.

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Lizzy McGroder Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

While Lizzy’s father and her two siblings chose to pursue a career as a lawyer, she took a very different route and started pursued her dream to be an actress and model.

After completing high school, Lizzy attended Occidental College in Los Angeles. She earned her BFA degree in screenwriting. After graduating from college, a modeling agency signed her.

Lizzy is also Xavier College Prep alumni working towards social changes.

Though consistent modeling gigs presented itself, she never felt satisfied by it. As Lizzy told Voyage LA,

“Sure, it was fun at times but felt empty for me. I never felt like the people in the modeling world were my people.”

Later, she auditioned for the Groundlings Theatre and School of Groundling Sunday Company out of whim. Though comedy and acting never fell under her intentions, she desperately needs a creative outlet, so took her shot.

She further went on honing her various skills working through different challenges the school put on her and her friends. And it was in the school, she got the idea to for Middle School Talent Show, a live sketch show set in 2003.

After the success of the sketch, Lizzy wrote, directed, produced, and even act in Middle School Talent Show, a mini-series. She struggled very much up to that point with hopelessness and self-doubt, but her perseverance got her into the right path.

As of 2020, Lizzy has worked on four short movies Destiny’s False Turn (2015), #ToothFairies (2017), Cat’s Outta the Bag (2018), and The Monkey (2018). She also starred on Girls Night a short film that premiered at LA Comedy Fest.

Plus, she is a member of an improv team named You’re So Tan which performs around LA. Other than that, she is also an avid animal lover and an aspiring makeup artist.

As of 2020, Lizzy McGroder boasted an estimated net worth a little less than $100 thousand.

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Lizzy McGroder & Jack Quaid: Dating, Engaged, Married

Lizzy McGroder & her boyfriend Jack’s first meeting is a story in itself, and it all started in a bar. But unlike a cheap drunk hook-ups, the couple met each other while Lizzy was performing an improv.

And during her performance, she yelled at Jack,

“Hey! You! Get over here. You’re late. Mom’s going to cancel the trip to Mexico… “

And as a fellow improv himself, Jack decided to go with the flow and responded, ‘Yeah, sorry I’m late,”. And it all started from there for the couple. The pair seem very much into each other after 4 years of relationship but hasn’t taken a step further, like getting engaged.

Surely, many of their fans wish to see them getting married, but that’s way down the road. And as for now (2020), we just have to see where the relationship between the two goes.

Did Lizzy McGroder Meet Meg Ryan Yet?

After being in a relationship for almost four years, the balance of probability is, Lizzy McGroder most likely met his beau’s mom, Meg Ryan, a Hollywood superstar. However, the meeting might’ve been kept as a secret as it never made major headlines on the entertainment news outlets.

Or, the chance is Jack might’ve never introduced his girlfriend to his mom in reality. So, until it makes a buzz, we can’t say for sure.

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Lizzy McGroder Wiki: Son, Height, Parents, Jack Quaid, Meg Ryan, Sibling (2024)
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