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compensation: $15-20/hr, + $$ when revenue goals are achieved. Hourly comp will depend on qualifications and experience.

employment type: contract

job title: Rock Star Property Management Protégé

telecommuting ok

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Do you thrive on creating order from chaos, herding cats, getting “Stuff” Done, and aspiring to be a real estate entrepreneur?

I’m looking for a uniquely talented individual to join our company as a Business Manager/ Executive Assistant, helping me operate and grow my real estate investment/rental business in Denver.

We have been here for 29 years and focus on multi-family buy-and-hold investments in Colorado. We have done STRs, MTRs, and LTRs.

This role could be for you if:

You are a standout executive assistant with a passion for real estate investing and property management. You love to manage dozens of tasks simultaneously with excellence and without fuss. You'll manage property managers, contractors, tenants, bookkeeping, sourcing and overseeing maintenance and cleaners, research insurance options, streamlining processes, documenting and automating them, and identifying tasks to delegate so the team can focus on their strengths. Your ability to get S*** Done will be the key to our success.

As a small and dynamic company, we offer the potential for you to grow into more significant roles and increase your compensation as you showcase your passion and expertise in other areas.

It is a unique opportunity to earn great compensation for great results while learning the nuances of the business. We aspire for you to succeed in your own entrepreneurial ventures because of working with us.

Compensation is $15-20/hr. + $$ when revenue goals are reached, which can increase as the company grows and responsibilities increase. The position involves some remote work at properties and time at your remote office. You must have your own computer, smartphone, internet access, an active driver's license, and access to a car.

What you must be:

- You love what you’ll be doing!
- You have a passion for real estate and dying to learn more.
- 3+ years of experience as a personal assistant or executive assistant.
- You will enjoy taking responsibility for all the aspects, mechanics, and support of a small, growing, real business.
- Passionate about offloading the CEO to allow them to do what they are best at.
- Experienced with (or desire to learn) accounting systems, keeping Quickbooks current and accurate.
- Overseeing bookkeeping and incoming financial reports (or desire to learn).
- Efficient at making great things happen with little time.
- Very organized and enjoys organizing others.
- Love of detail… managing properties, understanding the need for the lowest vacancy rates humanly possible, and a keen eye for efficiency and low maintenance costs. You know the numbers; dotting the I’s and crossing T’s is one of your superpowers.
- Thrive when doing many things at once, and you always have an eye on the goal and priorities.
- Interested in getting involved in your own real estate investing someday.
- Former manager(s) we can talk to that will sing your praises.

Responsibilities include:

- The Face of the Company: Ensure the company remains one of the best places in Denver to work for and with and is a well-oiled machine.
-Managing our property managers, bringing out the best performance from them.
- Herding cats: This could include the property managers, listing agents, maintenance personnel, contractors, collections, and even orchestrating the tenant-owner communication.
- Executive support: organizing, answering emails and phone calls, offloading CEO, overseeing budgets for each property, and compiling a monthly status reporting process on all the activities for each property.
- Organization: Maintaining company records, leases, applications, expenses, Property/Tenant insurance records, and document processes. Can maintain multiple 30-60-90 day timelines.
- Computer savvy: Enthusiasm for automating many business processes.
- Managing Projects and staff: contractors, vendors, etc. and developing relationships with customers, suppliers, and others we work with.
- Facilitate: Stay abreast of new rental laws and facilitate appropriate changes in agreements and processes with attorneys or property managers.
- As needed: Running rental ads, meeting potential tenants, assessing issues at properties, taking pictures and notes, and keeping histories of each unit.

In short… Doer of everything that needs to get done.

If you are the person we seek, you're saying, “That’s me and exactly what I want to be doing.”

If so, please email us and summarize why this role is perfect. Then, let's schedule a Zoom call or meeting over a latte to share your story.

  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

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Parttime Executive/Personal Assistant - admin / office - administrative job employment - craigslist (2024)
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