Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 9, 2024 (2024)

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 9, 2024 (1)

Scare Event Incoming
Prepare For Martial Law
We are close

It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, water, cash and essential Items on hand to help yourself and others in case of an emergency.

Battle Hymn of the Republic Mormon Tabernacle Choir (

Judy Note: On Sun. 9 June 2024 Federal Reserve’s fiat dollar went down as the Petrodollar collapsed; the US Inc. ran out of money making 63 US Banks fail.

Meanwhile the US and other countries’ debt was paid off by the Chinese Elders as they released the Global Currency Reset for 209 countries currencies that were now gold/asset-backed.

All might come to light soon at the White House, where they were preparing for a big event. SCOTUS was expected to make an announcement that would perhaps exonerate Trump and/or verify their decision on the Brunson Case that would dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress.


  • As of Thurs. 30 May 2024 any US State could legally obtain their own gold backed currency and bypass the Federal Reserve.
  • As of Sat. 1 June 2024 International World Trade was using the new Iraqi Dinar Rate in the trade of international goods.
  • On Mon. Evening 3 June 2024 the Iraqi Parliament finally passed their budget with the new Iraqi Dinar International Rate in it.
  • On Tues. 4 June large bondholder paymasters were in Reno to begin exchanging their bond portfolios over the next 24 to 48 hour window.
  • On Wed. 5 June 2024 the shotgun was fired, authorizing liquidity of the bond payments of CMKX that opened the RV/GCR; the General of Brazil authorized release of funds to Brazil and San Paulo started to release funds.The Iraqi Parliament sent the budget with the new Iraqi Dinar Rate in it to the Gazette to be published presumably by Sat. 8 June.
  • On Thurs. 6 June 2024 the Chinese Elders authorized start of the payment process for Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group). The International Beneficiary Commission authorized some in Tier4b to receive notification. Brazil began sending out notification and setting exchange appointments. A group in Zurich and another group in Brazil went liquid. The BRICS Alliance began Summit meetings in Russia.
  • On Fri. 7 June 2024 the US Government ran out of money and declared 63 banks insolvent according to Janet Yellen. Bonds started becoming liquid.
  • On Sat. 8 June 2024 the new International Dinar Rate will be official as it is published in the Iraqi Gazette and announced in the Mosques – which will officially begin the Global Currency Reset of 209 countries.
  • On Sun. 9 June 2024 RV funds for Bond Holders and Tier4b will be moving into their positions for payout. On that same Sun. 9 June look for a Black Swan Event as the Petrodollar ends = collapse of the Global Financial System. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) and JFK Jr. Official on Telegram
  • On Sun. night or Mon. morning 10 June 2024 notifications for Tier4b could possibly come out.
  • On Mon. morning 10 June 2024 Bond Holders and Tier4b should have access to their funds with Tier4b appointments starting soon thereafter.
  • On Tues. or Wed. 11, 12 June 2024 a Worldwide Economic Collapse was expected to begin.
  • On Sat. 15 June 15 any bank not Basel 3 compliant would be closed.
  • Wed. 17 July was the end of the New World Order, with Q Tuesday start of the Golden Age. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram
  • Tues. 6 Aug. Worldwide Web Takeover Declass. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram
  • Sun. 1 Sept. 2024: “Thegreatest comeback in World History will unfold. Everything you’ve known and seen will become perplexing. You won’t believe your eyes. America will erupt. PATRIOTS WILL PREVAIL. AMERICA WILL TRIUMPH. The house of cards will collapse.” …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

Global Currency Reset:

Sat. 8 June 2024 Wolverine Call:

  • I received a call about 2:30 a.m. (Sunday in Australia) It is official, it is not from a guru, it is an official announcement – we are now right at the edge of receiving our blessing. It is coming and it is real.
  • There will be a surprise announcement soon for Nesara/Gesara.
  • The Medbeds are coming – they are real and on the way! This is it! This is the week have waited for!
  • I am not telling you what day, but it is all happening. Nothing will stop it now!
  • The event Mauricio held with all the leaders was an absolute success. I am not sure if today is the last day or not of that event. I was overwhelmed with the news coming through. It was one of the calls I was waiting for.
  • Notifications we hear have started and have heard that are in line with HSBC and Wells Fargo. Right now, I do not know of anyone who has received notifications yet. It is all happening this week.
  • Again, this is an official announcement that came through.
  • God bless all of you – I love you guys, we are right at the edge.
  • On the next call Carpathia will have something special to say to you, and I am sure it will be an emotional speech. This will be soon, not sure if it is tomorrow or the next day, but very soon.
  • You guys are The Chosen Ones. You have all been chosen since birth, in my own belief, in my opinion, that you were chosen by God. You each have a purpose in your life and on this planet. Remember, to help your family and your loved ones first and then comes humanity.
  • In the next call will be a special video made by a member, then the trumpets of freedom, and then the opera.
  • Thank you everyone, have a beautiful day. Wolverine

Fri. 7 June 2024 Wolverine:

  • The Central Bank of Brazil confirmed that it has started. The Brazilian people have not seen this yet, it is a process.
  • The Tier4B notifications have come in for Wells Fargo, not sure if it is for their bank customers or not. Some people got notifications and they got paid but not talking due to NDA.
  • The biggest news is in Mexico at the Gesara Nesara Event. The news came in last night, and funds will be liberated.
  • Notifications for everyone else is to come in either Sunday or Monday. I think Monday is going to be D-Day, but I am hoping it is actually Sunday night.
  • Keep eye on emails for your notifications will be coming through.
  • Antonia Diogenes, one of the Gurus from the Spanish/Latino group, a very highly respected Guru, states that the notifications for the Tier4B Internet Group have already been released!
  • Brazil and Colombia will be the first to liquidate holders in the next few hours.
  • There you go!! The greatest transfer of wealth has started. There will be the Trumpets of Freedom and then the Opera!

Global Financial Crisis:

Restored Republic:

Wars and Rumors of Wars:

The Real News for Sat. 8 June 2024:

Read Full Report (Doc):

CompiledSun. 9 June 2024 12:01 am ESTby Judy Byington.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 9, 2024 (2024)
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